OnGetFileSizeLastModified Event

Occurs when the file size and last modified date are received from the server as a result of the request initiated with the GetFileSizeLastModified method call.

     String url,
     String fileSize,
     String lastModified


Type: String
The URL of the file specified in the GetFileSizeLastModified method call.

Type: String
The size of the file specified with the url parameter (in bytes). If the file size is not known, the fileSize is "-1". Even though the fileSize is of String type (to support large file sizes - up to 263 bytes), it always contains integer values specifying the file size in bytes.

Type: String
The last modified date of the file specified with the url parameter. The date format is the same as received from the server. If the last modified date is not known, the lastModified is "" (empty string).