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DownloadSessionTempSubfolder Property

Gets or sets a value identifying the download session.

String DownloadSessionTempSubfolder

Property Value

Type: String

A string identifying the download session. The default is "" (empty string).


Files that are going to be downloaded (appear in the file list) represent the single download session and the value specified in the DownloadSessionTempSubfolder property identifies this download session. The DownloadSessionTempSubfolder property must be set before Download or ResumeDownload methods are called. Different download sessions must have unique DownloadSessionTempSubfolder values. During the download, the file information (not the file content) is temporarily saved to the temporary folder. The full path to this temporary folder is {Windows Temporary Folder}\DownloadXCtrl\{DownloadSessionTempSubfolder}. Please note that characters \ / : * ? " < > | cannot be used when setting the DownloadSessionTempSubfolder property because Windows folder names are not allowed to contain those characters.


Since DownloadSessionTempSubfolder property values are required to be unique for different download sessions (in order to avoid overwriting temporary data from another download session), it's a good idea to derive your DownloadSessionTempSubfolder property values from your domain name, like "mydomain.com_session1". Or, since GUID numbers are also guaranteed to be unique they can also be used, like "session_4CE41574-1611-4615-AA82-5D5F2BEFE84F".